26 September 2021

Assalamu Alaykum warohmatullah wabarokatuh

Dear all family of Fajr Quran Centre, here we will give you information about your Student Fee Report Card. Also in this link you can find update in every month biidhnillah. We would like to be transparent with you all, so we will give you some notes, such as :


  1. When you do free trial class & would like to continue, 1st day of trial class will be included in the payment.
  2. The students / parents have to pay it in the beginning when the class starts or before next period begins. Or another way is that the students / parents can pay it every 25th till (at least) 30th every month.
  3. How we count the payment depends upon how many classes you took (e.g : 2 lessons weekly, 8 lessons monthly. So every period will be 8 lessons monthly). and of course the dates will be changing every month.
  4. If we forget about the payment or we do mistakes, parents can remind or ask about it from us biidhnillah and we will explain about it.
  5. If due date is past you can still pay it (every 25th till at least 30th).


  1. We only can do make up classes for 3 reasons : sick, someone passed away & problem with the connection.
  2. Make up classes will be given in the end of period in the same schedule, not outside the schedule.(meaning the day and time is going to be the same as your class schedule, and no new day or time would be selected outside the schedule)
  3. If we receive question about make up class outside the schedule, we will not respond to it.

                     STUDENT FEE REPORT CARD

Education Investment

Dear candidates FQC Is open for admissions now. LIMITED SEATS! (Part of the fees is used for those who do not have home or shelter for providing basic life necessities).

  • Native speakers
  • Qualified teacher
  • Flexible schedule
  • Exclusive class
  • An affordable price
  • Full admin support
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