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Take lessons to help teachers with an income, given to them through your fee. To help yourself, by gaining beneficial knowledge. To help others with your knowledge. So much you can do while being at home.

Why We Exist - FQC

Why We Exist

The Fajr Quran Center is formed from a deep sense of concern for fellow teachers throughout the world today. Many teachers have economic problems to support their families because many of them have husbands who are no longer working or have been fired from work because of the pandemic crisis.

Our presence is expected to lighten their burdens a little, and so that they can still share their knowledge with the widest possible benefits

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Get To Know Us FQC

Get to know us more deeply then you will love us

Get to know us more deeply, then you will love us The reason behind our startup here is to actualise our dreams in spreading knowledge that is beneficial to the ummah and helps each other for the needy.

Alhamdulillah, we try our best to build a platform that is very friendly in administration with teachers to be with you to build your future with the light of the Quran and Sunnah.

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Why we are different?

Whereas mainstream schools or academies will have more than 10 students in a class. Here our students will benefit from the small group & develop communication skills. Each student will receive great attention each lesson.

Systematic & Structured

This is one reason you need to choose Fajr. Quite simply, we are passionate about our programmes. We try our hardest to make sure we have courses that are suitable for childrens, brothers & sisters worldwide.

Why we are different?