Online Ijaza Program with Sheikha Umm Hisham

Online Ijaza Program with Sheikha Umm Hisham

Online Ijaza Program with Sheikha Umm Hisham

01 December 2021



بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

By Allah’s permission
Fajr Quran Centre has been able to presents

Online Ijazah Quran Programme With Sheikha Umm Hisham


Obtained Several Profesional Ijazah

The way to get Ijazah in memorizing Quraan (any Qiraah Hafs, Warsh, Qaloon, Abu Jafar & Ibn Katheer), memorizing Tuhfatul Atfal and Al Jazareyah. Also to get Certificate of Proficiency Reciting in Quraan and Testing in Tajweed.

What is an Ijaza meaning? 

In this online Ijaza Programme, students will get an Ijazah from an effectively confirmed Sheikha or researcher. This ijaza can be obtained from recitation or memorization of the Quran with Tajweed, mutoon & hadith to the Sheikha. The Sheikha or female tutor will listen carefully the entire Quran, Mutoon & Hadith from the student.

Ijaza will be issued once the student will complete the entire Quran, Mutoon & Hadith to the Sheikha. In this programme Ijaza will be given in any Qiraah (Hafs, Warsh, Qaloon, Abu Jafar & Ibn Katheer), Tuhfatul Atfal and Al Jazareyah as well.

Who can join this Programme?

  • Muslim women all ages
  • Classes are online, must be extremely commitment while doing it
  • This programme planned for anybody keen on learning Ijaza Programme

Grab it Fast! ONLY for 6 sisters!

3 lessons weekly
30 minutes each student
± 8-12 months
Live Session on Google Meet Apps

Infaq :
Monthly :
USD 50 ( US, Canada, Europe)
USD 45 ( Africa & Asia )

6 Months
USD 300 ( US, Canada, Europe)
275 ( Africa & Asia )

Ijaza Enrollment Form

Education Investment

Dear candidates FQC Is open for admissions now. LIMITED SEATS! (Part of the fees is used for those who do not have home or shelter for providing basic life necessities).

  • Native speakers
  • Qualified teacher
  • Flexible schedule
  • Exclusive class
  • An affordable price
  • Full admin support
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