25 December 2021

Assalamu Alaykum.
Hope you all in the good state of eeman & health biidhnillah. Starting from today December, 25th 2021 we would like to introduce you new payment method at FQC for bank transfer, such us :

1 When you get a message from on WhatsApp or an email addressed to you from Fajr Quran center, then you can directly click the link to view the invoice.


2 Once on the invoice page, you can see the details and if you agree, please see the payment.


3 Payments can be made through several bank options or other digital payments.


if you choose Bank Transfer (Manual / Static Virtual Account) at Bank Permata, then the payment will be free of charge, but you have to do a manual confirmation. Because direct payments use the name of Fajr Quran Center.


4 If you choose to pay to our BSI / BTPN account as before, then you have to send proof of the payment manually to the admin. But if you make a payment through the payment option on the invoice, it will be confirmed automatically and you will also get receipt information in the next message.


Our goal in using this new payment system is to make it easier for both parties. so we can easily track late payments and temporarily suspend existing classes if they haven’t been paid for more than a week. We do this based on previous experience. We hope for your understanding and thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Jazak Allah khayran

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