Volunteer Team at FQC – Let’s Join Us!

Volunteer Team at FQC – Let’s Join Us!

Volunteer Team at FQC – Let’s Join Us!

09 February 2022

Hi, let’s join by being a volunteer at Fajr Quran Centre (FQC). We are looking for Volunteers for some Job Desks. But before we look at the requirements, let’s first look at the benefits of joining to become a volunteer.

  1. Build and expand social networks
    So volunteering can make you connect with many people in the community. Not only expanding your network of friends because they share the same goal to help each other, but it could be people in the community who will help you find your way in life or your future career.
  2. Help find value in life
    Being a volunteer you will be invited to care more about others. Understand each other. From there you will be able to find the true meaning of life, that we as humans should help each other because in this world individuals need each other. You will also learn to be more sincere in helping people in need without expecting anything in return.
  1. Makes us more sensitive to problems
    By volunteering we are taught to open our eyes that the problems faced by each person are different. But every time there are problems that come back repeatedly, so that when we start to understand a problem, it will be easy for us to face the same or even different problems in the future.
  2. Develop teamwork skills
    When you enter the real world of work, you will be required to be able to do something both independently and as a team. Well, if you have experience as a volunteer, you will learn how to work together as a team to achieve goals.
    You will be trained to communicate, coordinate, express opinions and solve a problem. Volunteer activities can be a picture of a professional work environment too.
  1. Help develop technical skills
    Participating in volunteer activities will help you hone your skills. Even when you have hidden skills, with the support of the community, you will be able to become a better person than before.
    For example, you have a desire to design. But all this time you have been inferior and only designed yourself. When you join as a volunteer, it turns out that your friends see that it is something extraordinary and you are motivated to learn even better. As a result, your design becomes the best and is seen and useful for many people. That way, volunteering can be used as a means to develop abilities and skills before entering the world of work.
  1. Make us always grateful for life
    The desire from the heart to help others makes us aware that there are still many out there who need our helping hand. Although sometimes we often realize that we are helping, it is just a grain of sand. But if the sand continues to be piled up it can become a mountain. Even without us realizing it, it turns out that other people are very grateful for this small help.

Here are the requirements to become a Volunteer at FQC :

  1. Muslim / Muslimah
  2. At least have memorized Juz Amma (or want to try to memorize Juz Amma)
  3. Understand English or Arabic (both active and passive)
  4. Minimum 1 year experience in Online Islamic Academy
  5. Interested in the IT world
  6. Enjoy working with Team
  7. Familiar with Social Media & Google Apps
  8. Having a Smartphone & Laptop / Computer
  9. Creative
  10. Commitment

Job Desk :

Public Relations Affairs :

  1. Handle coordination between Team, Tutor and Participants
  2. Supervise ongoing classes and coordinate with Social Media affairs

Video Maker & Design :

  1. Making a video about dawah, etc.
  2. Making a design for flyers & posters.

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Education Investment

Dear candidates FQC Is open for admissions now. LIMITED SEATS! (Part of the fees is used for those who do not have home or shelter for providing basic life necessities).

  • Native speakers
  • Qualified teacher
  • Flexible schedule
  • Exclusive class
  • An affordable price
  • Full admin support
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