Series on the Journey through the Holy Quran : Juz 1

Series on the Journey through the Holy Quran : Juz 1

Series on the Journey through the Holy Quran : Juz 1

04 April 2022

The first Juz of the Qur’an comprises its opening chapter, the seven verses of al-Fatihah (the Opener) and the first part of its longest chapter, al-Baqarah. It is not without reason that some of the early generations considered al-Fatihah to be the ‘Mother of the Book’. In its seven short verses, it contains praise of Allah, it affirms worship must be for him Alone and ends by informing us about the path of guidance.

It is followed by the first part of al-Baqarah, which unfolds the nature of mankind through the narrative of the story of Adam and his expulsion from Paradise.

The chapter then moves onto the story of the Children of Israel (the Jews) and teaches us important lessons from the story of the heifer (cow).

What can we learn from this Juz?

1• Worship is solely and exclusively for Allah, and one must turn to Him Alone for help.

2• Allah divides mankind into three categories: Believers, Disbelievers or Hypocrites and describes the characteristics of the hypocrites.

3• The story of the heifer contains great lessons: beware of faltering when faced with Allah’s commands and do not procrastinate or ridicule them because to do so leads to hardness of the heart.

4• Beware the danger of preventing Allah’s remembrance in the Mosques, or moving to destroy them.

5• Who built the Sacred Mosque as well as how and why it was built.

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