Series on the Journey through the Holy Quran : Juz 3

Series on the Journey through the Holy Quran : Juz 3

Series on the Journey through the Holy Quran : Juz 3

07 April 2022

This Juz concludes the longest chapter of the Qur’an which contains the greatest verse, Ayat ul-Kursi (verse 255). This immense verse is the greatest single verse in the Qur’an, and its memorisation, understanding and recitation will derive many benefits for the worshipper.

Al-Baqarah ends with a number of rulings which demonstrate that charity is a foundation of an Islamic economy as well as Allah’s forbidding of riba’ (usury/interest), declaring those who engage in it as declaring war upon Him.

The final three verses of this chapter are a prayer for Allah’s forgiveness and for His protection.

The Juz continues into the next chapter, Aal-e-Imran (Family of Imran) which covers (amongst others) the story of Esa (Jesus) – the most outstanding example of man’s rejection and misinterpretation of Allah’s message.

What can we learn from this Juz?

1• The greatest verse in the Qur’an: Ayat ul-Kursi, study it, memorise it and make sure you understand it;

2• That riba’ is war against Allah and His Messenger;

3• That the Qur’an is the criterion between truth and falsehood and Allah will only accept Islam as the true religion;

3• The story of Maryam’s (Mary) mother shows how a righteous, sincere intention has a good effect on one’s child;

4• Musa (Moses), Esa, Muhammad (peace be upon them all) were all upon the belief of Tawhid (Divine Unity) and warned against shirk (polytheism);

5• We are taught an important lesson when it comes to criticising society or a nation: That it is wrong to generalise.

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