How do I read my khatma with tadabbor in Ramadan?

How do I read my khatma with tadabbor in Ramadan?

How do I read my khatma with tadabbor in Ramadan?

13 April 2022

How do I read my khatma with tadabbor in Ramadan?
Tadabbor means to reflect and contemplate

1- Pay attention to the name of the surah, as the axis of the surah revolves around it.

2- Pay attention to the beginning of the surah, as the beginning of the surah is often the subject of it.

3- Look at the end of the surah, and you will find the link between its beginning and its conclusion.

4- Try to notice and look closely at the end of each surah and the beginning of the next surah, and you will find that there is a link. (It may not appear on the first read)

5- Do not neglect the actions of Allah in the surah, (created – made – revealed..) This increases your knowledge of your Lord.

6- Notice the repeated and similar words in the surah, as they are keys to understanding the surah.

7- Think about the names of Allah mentioned in the surah and their relationship to the verses.

8- Focus on the parables that Allah gave in the surah.

9- Also focus on the stories mentioned in the surah, so that you come out of the surah while you recall that such-and-such a story is mentioned in it.

10- Try to notice the six pillars of Iman in the surah, if any (belief in Allah / angels / books / messengers / the last day / decree).

11- Use the Qur’an in its margins the meanings of the words or a simplified interpretation to understand the general context, then navigate in reflection and apply the verses on your life and ask *How can I benefit from this verse in my life..* And record this in a special notebook.. (Prepare your notebook from now)

12- Do not connect yourself – when you read the khatma – with the juz’s, but try to read a full surah so that the meaning is not disconnected (as much as possible). Set yourself specific times to stop distractions to read.
(Read based on the meaning and time, not the juz or the page)

13- If you pass by descriptions of believers, for example; pause and present these descriptions to yourself.
And if you come across descriptions of hypocrites and unbelievers, present them to yourself as well.
The characteristics of the people of jannah and hell stop and ponder..
Likewise the commands and prohibitions, see what is your share of them, because the Qur’an addresses us.

14- List the meanings that are difficult for you and write them down on a piece of paper, then return to its interpretation from one of the trusted tafseer books.

15- Do not get bored.. you may not find the tadabbor and reflection from the first encounters with the verses.. befriend the Qur’an with love..

Roll up .. Renew your intentions and sharpen your enthusiasm
And do not forget to make dua for yourselves that Allah will open your eyes and hearts to understand His Holy Words
( And say, ‘My Lord, increase me in knowledge )

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