Series on the Journey through the Holy Quran : Juz 24

Series on the Journey through the Holy Quran : Juz 24

Series on the Journey through the Holy Quran : Juz 24

26 April 2022

The Juz begins by ending al-Zumar (Groups). In the final 8 verses of this powerful chapter, Allah describes a vivid scene in which humanity has been judged and stands in two groups: believers and those who disbelieved. The ultimate end of both groups is described in detail and ends with an amazing scene in which the believers enter through the Gates of Paradise and witness the Angels surrounding the throne of Allah. In this place, their faith rewarded, it will be said “All praise is to Allah, Lord of all the Worlds”.

In the next chapter, Ghafir (the Forgiver) Allah describes a believer who lives in the house of Pharaoh and tries to persuade his people to not oppose Musa (Moses). There are two more recurring themes in this chapter: disputing Allah’s Truth and calling on Him.

The final chapter of this Juz, Fussilat (trans. Explained in Detail), continues the theme of the previous chapter and deals with the arrogance of the disbelievers, the truthfulness of the Qur’an, Tawhid (Divine Unity) and the resurrection.

What can we learn from this Juz?

1• Do not despair of Allah’s mercy as He forgives all sins;

2• Which party will you be in on the Day when the disbelievers will be driven to Hell in groups and the believers led to gates of Paradise in groups?

3• There are good tidings for those who repent as the Angels seek forgiveness on their behalf as well;

4• The severe punishment meted out to those who reject Allah’s signs;

5• The many blessings of Allah;

6• About the Noble Qur’an and the condition of those who reject it;

7• The danger of having evil companions and the fact that they make disbelief and sin alluring;

8• The importance of calling to Allah and having good manners;

9• Look to the horizons and yourselves and ponder the signs therein. This is the way of finding the truth for those who want to.

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