The Method of Memorization

The Method of Memorization

The Method of Memorization

07 September 2022

Daytimes are better for memorization than night times, and times of hunger are better than times of satiation.

It is not advisable to memorise while there is greenery around, or at the beach, because these things will distract you from memorization.

Higher places are better for memorisation than lower places.

Seclusion is very important to help one memorise, while freeing oneself from worldly distractions if the principle of all principles.

It is also important to have a day for resting so that the memorised portions become established in the heart. This will aid memorisation and strengthen the body just as a freshly built wall must be left for a few days to settle, and then build over it.

book: Captured Thoughts by Imām Ibn Al-Jawzī رحمه الله pg. 432

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