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Brain Tuition Centre

Brain Tuition Centre

24 December 2022

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Brain Tuition Centre is an Exclusive Online Education for local students (Indonesian) and international students. We provide some general Subjects (Mathematics, Science, Languages, History, and the Arts) tuition on a one-to-one class or small group basis.

When a child first starts at the Brain Tuition Centre, they are assessed and given work suitable to their ability. Every child is given a programme of work to suit their individual needs; the right level in the subject’s workbooks and the appropriate level in the reading scheme or library. This is what makes Brain Train Tuition Centre special.

We will help to improve your child’s academic and social skills, as well as build their confidence and belief in their ability. Each student’s capabilities and potential are unique, and Brain Tuition Centre is here to guide them through their learning journey to succeed and exceed.

Our Tutors

Our tutors come from a variety of backgrounds from local to international teachers. We only use experienced, qualified teachers with extensive teaching experience.

Packages & Fees

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, sure! If you would like to introduce us to your family and friends and they’ll join us In shā Allāh we will give you a DISCOUNT of 3% for a month and for a programme!

How can I enrol?

Enrolling can easily be done through our website by clicking on ‘Enrol now’. If you know which classes you are joining it takes only a few minutes to fill out our registration form!

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Enrol Now (Adult)

Education Investment

Dear candidates FQC Is open for admissions now. LIMITED SEATS! (Part of the fees is used for those who do not have home or shelter for providing basic life necessities).

  • Native speakers
  • Qualified teacher
  • Flexible schedule
  • Exclusive class
  • An affordable price
  • Full admin support
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