Miracle of Quranic Healing with Ustadh Nuruddin al Indunissy

Miracle of Quranic Healing with Ustadh Nuruddin al Indunissy

Miracle of Quranic Healing with Ustadh Nuruddin al Indunissy

07 July 2023

Exclusive Training, Consultation & Therapy: Online Ruqyah

It is important to have knowledge about jinn afflictions, black magic, and the evil eye that surrounds us. Various diseases such as cancer, diabetes, chronic respiratory disorders, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse are prevalent in today’s society. These phenomena affect individuals differently and can vary from person to person. While some people seek reasonable solutions (Shar’i and mubah), many resort to forbidden remedies that can even lead to the destruction of one’s Aqeedah (belief).

So, what is the solution for people facing these prevalent problems today?

All of these issues will be thoroughly discussed in the “Exclusive Training, Consultation & Therapy: Online Ruqyah.” This program is free of charge and will delve into the components of Ruqyah and Tazkiyyatunnafs (self-purification), covering every aspect in detail so that you can perform Ruqyah independently.

In shaa Allah, we will be joined by Ustadh Nuruddin Al Indunissy, a leading international expert, founder of Rehab Hati, author, and Ruqyah Shar’iyyah international practitioner.

Date: Sunday, July 23rd, 2023
Time: 9 AM to 6 PM KSA time – 8 AM to 5 PM EU time
Platform: Live on Zoom
Language: English

While the focus will be on the Purification of the Soul, Counseling, and Ruqyah Therapy, make sure not to miss out!

Register now and share this event, inviting family and friends who may benefit from finding a way to recover from any kind of disease.

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