Quranic Reminder : Surah ash Sharh verse 5

Quranic Reminder : Surah ash Sharh verse 5

Quranic Reminder : Surah ash Sharh verse 5

04 August 2023

In life, we all face struggles, challenges, and moments of despair. But remember, my dear friends, that these difficulties are not permanent. Just like the night makes way for the day, every hardship has its relief.

Embrace patience during tough times, for it is during these moments that we grow stronger, wiser, and more resilient. Trust in the divine wisdom, and know that ease will follow the trials.

Like the stars shining brightly on the darkest of nights, your relief will come. The Almighty is always watching over you, ready to ease your burden and lead you towards a better tomorrow.

So, when you feel overwhelmed and weary, hold on to this powerful verse. It is a reminder that the Creator has not forsaken you. He will bring comfort to your heart and peace to your soul.

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