Quranic Reminder : Surah At Talaq verse 2

Quranic Reminder : Surah At Talaq verse 2

Quranic Reminder : Surah At Talaq verse 2

07 August 2023


“And whoever fears Allah – He will make for him a way out.” (Quran 65:2)

In life’s journey, we often encounter challenges and obstacles that may seem impossible. But in these moments of uncertainty and difficulty, let us turn to the wisdom of the Quran. This verse from Surah At-Talaq (Chapter 65, Verse 2) reminds us of the profound promise of our Merciful Creator.

When we fear Allah and remain steadfast in our faith, He, the Most Loving, promises to pave a path for us, even when it seems there is no way. His divine assistance is always near, waiting for us to call upon Him with sincerity and trust.

So, dear brothers & sisters, let us never lose hope during times of struggle. Instead, let’s strengthen our connection with Allah through prayer, patience, and gratitude. Let’s remind ourselves that every challenge is an opportunity for growth, and with Allah’s help, we can overcome anything.

Share this reminder with someone who might need it and spread the hope and encouragement that Quranic verses offer.

May Allah guide and bless us all.

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