Synergy of Deeds with Happiness

Synergy of Deeds with Happiness

Synergy of Deeds with Happiness

25 October 2023


Sin isn’t the gravest mistake that torments the soul. It’s the deeds done without knowledge that lead people into misery, unhappiness, and a life of compulsion.

In truth, sin can bring a person closer to Allah, evoking feelings of regret and fear as soon as they realize their wrongdoing and return to the right path. On the other hand, deeds without knowledge make people act blindly, and arrogantly, and live in a state of constraint.

Some believe that worship is limited to the five daily prayers or Fridays, reserving the rest of their time for worldly matters that entangle them in various pursuits.

So, what sets them apart from non-believers who celebrate Sundays?

This is one of the root causes of the unhappiness crisis among Muslims. Their souls remain restless throughout the day, the year, and their lives because they separate worldly (dunya) and hereafter (akhirah) matters. In reality, these two are a unified synergy. If we combine them, tranquillity can be achieved at all times.

Throughout your life, with each breath Allah has granted and every heartbeat He has bestowed…

Happiness doesn’t come from waiting for success and then doing good deeds. It is in doing good deeds while ascending each step towards success. When that abstract point isn’t found in this world, each step you’ve climbed on the ladder becomes a cause for another success in the Eternal Abode (akhirah).

The essence is to merge worship with all your business activities so that every moment is counted as an act of devotion. There’s no profit or loss, as all business gains are entrusted to Allah, who is the Most Accurate in His calculations. Because a great victory awaits, and you believe in it.

That’s the secret of faith and Islam, the greatest blessing for every living soul.

# Secret 1: Activating the Light above Light
# Secret 2: Bringing About Extraordinary Assumptions
# Secret 3: The Value of Integrity
# Secret 4: Shifting the Focus Forward
# Secret 5: Breaking the Bounds of Impossibility
# Secret 6: Recognizing Mistakes Without Blaming


By Nuruddin Al-Indunissy

July 2012

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